Why is Great Lengths Superior?

100% Natural Human Hair
Great Lengths uses only 100% natural human hair of the best quality.

Great Lengths 100% Natural Human Hair

Tangle-Free Hair
Remy hair means all the cuticles are facing the same direction. This means tangle-free hair that behaves like your own.

Tangle-Free Hair cuticle direction

Delicate Pigmentation Process

Greath Lengths De-pigmentation Process
The color molecules are actually removed rather than bleached... Our system of depigmentation does not damage the hair and permits the removal of the black pigment without altering the quality of the hair.

Greath Lengths Hair De-pigmentation Process

Standard Decolorization
The color pigments are broken down but they continue taking up space inside the hair. The bleaching agent also
damages the hair, leaving it opaque and fragile.

Standard Hair Pigmentation Decolorization

Greath Lengths Pigmentation Process
The new pigment has a clean, empty space to occupy. This ensures that the molecule sits fi rmly in place and thus the color will not fade out... just like your cashmere sweater!

Greath Lengths Hair Pigmentation Process

Standard Pigmentation Process
The traditional dye does not manage to cover the molecules, remaining only on the surface. This means that after several
washes the color will fade away.

Standard Hair Pigmentation Process

Superior Human-like Keratin Bonds
Keratin is something your body naturally produces. It is the protein your nails and hair are made of.

keratin bonds
Left: Great Lengths Keratin Bond • Right: Other Synthectic Polymer Bond



Teaching Extensions

Teaching Color

Least Damaging Highlights and Color

Why is Great Lengths superior?