Michael Abney

Least Damaging Highlights and Color:

Michael uses only the highest quality enzyme hair developers on the market. He sees it as an investment, because the system is 85% less damaging than the developers used by 99% of cosmetologists out there. What does this mean for you?

Why is Great Lengths superior?

Michael regularly tests every major hair extension system on the market, and consistently finds Great Lengths extensions to be superior. He finds that Great Lengths is the most versatile product on the market and can help achieve any look. As superior as the product is, however, application and stylistic talent play a major role in the outcome. Just as every surgeon is different, it is the vision of the stylist, and their knowledge of color and custom blending that creates the most amazing results. Not all stylists are created equal!



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Least Damaging Highlights and Color

Why is Great Lengths superior?

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