Hair Color & Highlights

When it comes to color, you have the option of full hair color or highlighting. Which one is better for you?

Hair Color

Single-Process Color

If you want to go several shades lighter or darker than your natural hair, single-process color is a great option giving you a one-dimensional tone that can be as dramatic or subtle as you like. 

A great choice if you have very short hair that can’t be easily highlighted, single-process color can add warmth, boost skin tone, and cover gray hair. Single-color can help correct a previous color, sun damage, or overprocessing.

Double-Process Color

The alternative to single-process is double-process color which adds dimension and extra color through a second service. Used when you want to color dark hair lighter, it starts by bleaching your natural color and then applying a new color. High-lift double-process coloring is also available.

Michael can help you determine if your hair is healthy enough for double-processing. Contact Michael today for more information.


If you don’t want to change your natural color too much, highlights are an option if you have a great base hair tone. Highlights enhance your hair by adding streaks of color lighter than your natural color. There are several types of highlights:

  • Foil Highlighting is a traditional highlight technique adding uniform color to hair. It can be well-blended with different shades for a natural look.
  • Lowlights add darker shades of color. Can be combined with highlights to give your color more contrast and dimension.
  • Balayage (hair painting) can add natural highlights of color to hair. If you have a base color you love, this option is great when you want to go a couple shades lighter in certain areas.

Quality HAIR COLOR Products

Michael uses only the highest quality enzyme hair developers on the market. Using Trionics Enzymes, the system is 85% less damaging than the developers used by most cosmetologists. When added to hair coloring, what does this mean for you?

  • Shinier hair
  • Your blondes can be even blonder
  • 100% gray coverage
  • Your natural hair growth is promoted because there’s less damage

Michael uses products from L’Oréal, Paul Mitchell, and Wella. He can provide ammonia-free if needed or accommodate another choice of hair product.

Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what direction to take with hair coloring and highlights, especially if interested in a specific haircut or you have textured hair. Contact Michael today and he can help decide what works best for you.

Hair Color and Highlights