Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Perfect for adding length, volume or color effects

The most popular application, Great Lengths pre-bonded hair extensions are perfect to add length, volume or color effects. They are the perfect solution if looking for premium hair extensions with an invisible and seamless application. Great Lengths hair extensions are exceptionally durable, lasting from 4 to 6 months with appropriate care and maintenance. With pre-bonded hair extensions, Michael can achieve any kind of results from lengthening, thickening and sides application to highlights and lowlights. 

What makes Great Lengths
Pre-bonded Hair Extensions Unique

Pre-bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-BOnded Hair Extension Features & Qualities

Great Lengths Keratin

Created and refined by Great Lengths, the hair is kept together through a highly innovative method based on the use of keratin, a co-polymeric compound whose molecular structure closely resembles the behavior of human hair. It expands when exposed to water and contracts upon drying.

Remy Hair

Great Lengths hair extensions are 100% virgin Remy to make sure all natural hair qualities are preserved. Undergoing a special procedure to align the natural direction of the cuticles, the hair is safeguarded from damage. This helps preserve the hair extensions health and color vibrancy.

Double Drawn

Great Lengths hair extensions come from a single donors in India, in bundles composed of hair of varying length. The hair is then Double Drawn, or divided and matched according to the different lengths.